Experience to choose the most suitable baseball bat (Part 1)

To be able to choose a suitable baseball bat will depend on the factors below.

The length of the bat

Weight of bat

Separate rules of each tournament.

Feeling of use

In the United States, the selection of a baton is specific to each level and age such as, baseball bats for high school students, college clubs and bats for tournaments. professional match. Now we will analyze each request individually with a baseball bat.

1. Choose a club of appropriate length

Best of all, you should choose a stick with a length that satisfies the elements. Just enough length to hit any ball pitcher Pitcher throws to Catcher.

This does not mean that you choose a stick as long as possible because the increased length of the club also means that the weight of the club also increases, it takes a lot of force to beat the original inertia of the club, and counter Batter’s radiation will therefore be slower.

2. Weight of baseball bats

Often people with a tall physique will prefer to use high weight sticks, while young people tend to choose small weight sticks for easy management

In general, you should try different weight of each club to choose for yourself a suitable weight and length of baseball bat. High weight sticks will create better power but lose more energy to polish.

3. Rules of each tournament

This means that choosing a suitable baseball bat depends on the requirements of each different tournament and each tournament will have rules on the length, weight and diameter of the different clubs.

Usually when organizing a tournament, the standards will set according to the age of the participating athletes. In the US, competitions at the age of 3-15 have love The bridge is different from, high school age and college age.