History about baseball in the USA (Part 3)

As shared in the previous article, baseball is a traditional game in the USA. Although it is not really as famous as basketball, football, tennis in this nation, it is practiced and popular in the daily life by the local.

To understand more detail about origins and growth of baseball at there, we continue to share some major events about history of baseball. Following our article if you love this game.

From the former article, we refer about period of baseball when it has been appeared in the first time at the USA to growth of professional tournament. Now, we refer development of baseball in the 20th Century until now.

Going to the new century, baseball has continued to develop and evolve throughout places in the USA as well many nations in the world like Latin America, Asia. 

Nowadays, estimated there are more than 100 nations to play baseball. Above all, Japan is the second nation who love and practice baseball popularly, only after the USA.

All national baseball teams have exchanged and competed in one international event, called the World series. It was established in the first time in 1903. The Boston Americans was the winner finally in the first season.

At the USA, baseball is under management by one association who take care of organization all domestic competitions as well training and practice pro athletes. Annually, they have organized the baseball championship with contribution of all big baseball clubs. The New York Yankees is maintaining the most titles in all seasons. They are the first team to use number on their back to distinguish names of members. Then opening the general rule about using name.

Almost baseball match is used the song “take me out to the ballgame” in the middle of the 7thinning. It is considered as unofficial anthem of baseball.