How to play baseball well

Baseball is not a new game but not many people know and play it as regular sports. The truth that baseball should be highly recommended for everyone because it brings a lot of benefits for both fitness and health.

If you want to discuss more information about steps to start baseball effectively, you should follow our article. We will share basic steps of hitting, base running, throwing and even fielding as a pro player. Following it then you can start this game well and simply.

Note: a small tip that you should read the rules of baseball in advance before following our instructions. You need to overview about this game clearly then understand some definition and rule of game.

Step 1: What you need to prepare

Firstly you need a partner to play with you.

Then you also prepare a baseball glove, ball and bat. There are many size of bat which you should choose it properly with your hand. It’s easy to handle it. In addition, you should also use a tennis ball or plastic ball fluently to adapt this game. When you are fluent, you can change a real baseball to increase your level.

Step 2: How to throw

Throwing is a necessary skill for anyone when playing baseball.

Firstly, you stretch your distance then throw ball to your partner. You should avoid to throw it under hand or arm at least 10-15ft apart. Try to throw it to your partner’s position so that at the end of the throwing, your arm is pointing at person whom you are targeting baseball to.

The truth that this action will be continuous to transact between partners each other. Or you will be lost the ball by the opponents.

For new comer, it’s better to practice it within 3 to 4 times. You will improve throwing skills better for the next time.