Basics you should know about baseball (Part 3)

Gloves are indispensable items in baseball. The field positions such as Catcher, Pitcher,etc. are people who often use hands to catch the ball, capture the ball.

Ball-catching gloves are made of PVC, providing certainty, help catch the ball well without much impact on the player’s hand.

During a baseball game, two teams and the home team will be divided. When starting the match, the visitors will have the right to attack first, the home team will perform defenses according to the latest baseball law.

The baseball game is played by the fight between two teams. A specified team will have 9 people. A match consists of 9 rounds.

The score in baseball is called Run. Players need to keep in mind the more points you get, the better. Points are recognized when the player strikes all four corners of the golf course into a square.

Baseball bat is an important competitive tool for baseball. So you can refer to how to make our baseball bat so that you can design your own favorite club!


When starting, the player will run to the next golf that touches then return to the home plate. Once completed, this technique will earn points for the home team.

Each position on the field will take on a different task, making the scoring process easier.

While throwing a ball, players will be allowed to advance and take a step back. The pitcher must coordinate well with the Catcher. Catcher will somehow make a picher to throw his ball in the right direction. If you don’t agree, you can shake your head, and if you agree, it will signal by nodding according to the rules of baseball rules.

Half of the attacking team will have to stop if three people in the attacking team are eliminated and the 2 teams change the match for each other.

Above are some basic baseball laws. Those who are just beginning to practice should learn to have the most general understanding of the sport. Hope the article will be useful!