Dodger – the largest baseball stadium in the world

Dodger Stadium is a baseball park in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. This is the stadium of the Los Angeles Dodgers of the Major League baseball team and also the largest baseball stadium in the world by seat.

Opened in 1962, the Dodger Stadium was built in less than three years at a cost of US $ 23 million. It is the oldest soccer field in MLB west of the Mississippi River and the third oldest overall, after Fenway Park in Boston (1912) and Wrigley Field in Chicago (1914). Often referred to as the “handball field”, the stadium has witnessed many historic baseball matches.

The stadium hosted Major League Baseball All-Star matches in 1980, and will host in 2020, as well as the baseball matches of the 10 World Series (1963, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1977, 1978). , 1981, 1988, 2017 and 2018). Dodger is also the stadium that hosted the semi-finals and finals of the World Baseball Championship in 2009 and 2017.

In addition, Dodger is also the venue for the baseball exhibition during the 1984. Summer Olympics. This is the venue for the baseball and softball events in the 2028 Summer Olympics.

In the mid-1950s, Brooklyn Dodgers president Walter O’Malley tried to build a dome-shaped stadium in New York City’s Brooklyn district, but failed to reach an agreement with city officials to land acquisition, and finally reached an agreement with the city of Los Angeles.

The area for the Dodger Stadium was occupied by owners and local residents in the early 1950s by the city of Los Angeles. The city plans to develop the Elysian Park Heights public housing project, consisting of two dozen 13-storey buildings and more than 160 two-storey townhouses, in addition to a newly rebuilt playground and school, and a university.

After lengthy negotiations, the city acquired Chavez Ravine property from the Federal Housing Authority at a steep discount, with the provision that the land be used for public purposes. It was not until June 3, 1958, when voters in Los Angeles approved a referendum on baseball that the Dodgers Stadium gained ground to build.

While the Dodger Stadium is under construction, the Dodgers played at the tournament’s largest capacity venue from 1958 to 1961 at the Los Angeles Memorial Congress.