Classification of baseball bats and guide to choosing a good one (Part 2)

2. Weight of baseball bats

Often people with a tall physique will prefer to use large weight sticks, while young people tend to choose small weight sticks for easy management.

In general, you should try different weight of each club to choose for yourself a suitable weight and length of baseball bat. High weight sticks will create better power but lose more energy to polish.

3. Regulation

Hopefully, through this sharing, you have a way to choose to buy baseball bats that are good and suitable for you as well as meeting the standards of each tournament.

This means that choosing a suitable baseball bat depends on the requirements of each different tournament and each tournament will have rules on the length, weight and diameter of the different clubs.

Usually when the tournament is held, the standards will set according to the age of the participating athletes. In the US, competitions at the age of 3 to 15 have different requirements from the age of high school and college.

4. Feeling of use

Sometimes this is the most important factor, of course the baseball bat you choose also needs to meet the requirements of the tournament. When you have satisfied that factor, you should try to choose a stick with the length and weight that make you feel the best.

Below is a table to help you get the most balanced selection of two factors is the weight and length of the club for baseball.

Standard baseball bat size

And the next is the length according to the age of the player. Most recently, on January 1, 2018, the United States had a new regulation and was included in the baseball law regarding the criteria of the standard baseball bat, then the club needs to be certified by the American professional baseball association.

Above is the classification of baseball bats and guide to choosing a good one. We hope the information is useful for you!