Looking back at typical former Marlins players

Baseball is one of the most popular sport in the world. Let’s have a look at the typical former marlins mentioned below.

Carlos Delgado

Position: First baseman

Teams: Toronto Blue Jays (1993-2004), Florida Marlins (2005), New York Mets (2006-09)

Statistics: 17 seasons, .280, 473 Personnel, 1,512 RBI, 2,038 visits, .929 OPS

Born in Aguadilla, Delgado is one of the strongest in his generation and has more home and RBI races than any other Puerto Rican native. He is the all-time leader in Blue Jays hitter in many categories, including home run, double, RBI, and walk. He was an All-Star twice and ran into four home runs in one match. He also won the Roberto Clemente Award in 2006.

Ivan Rodriguez

Position: Catcher

Teams: Texas Rangers (1991-2002, 2009), Florida Marlins (2003), Detroit Tigers (2004-08), New York Yankees (2008), Houston Astros (2009), Washington Nationals (2010-11)

Statistics: 21 seasons, .296, 311 HR, 1,332 RBI, .798 OPS

Rodriguez, a Manati native, is on the shortlist as one of the best catchers in the history of major tournaments, especially defensively. He won 13 Gold Gloves and was a star 14 times all stars. In the 1999 American MVP, he also won the World Series in his only season with the Florida Marlins and was introduced to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame in 2013. Upgrading to Cooperstown seems likely when he gets enough of to sue.

Besides the great former marlins, there are also other ones that were accused of using performance-enhancing drugs, such as follow.

Ronny Paulino

The Marlins catcher was suspended for 50 matches in August 2010 for a positive test with a banned substance that he says is a prohibited diet pill for weight loss.

Sergio Miter

Sergio Miter was the pitcher for the Florida Marlins in 2008. This baseball player was suspended in the first 50 matches of the 2009 season for replenishment containing Androstenedione.

Above are some typical of former Marlins players that came into the history of this famous baseball team. Whether their names attached with good or bad reputation, they once played their best for the team.