Experience to choose the most suitable baseball bat (Part 2)

4. Feeling of use

Sometimes this is the most important factor, of course the baseball bat you choose also needs to meet the requirements of the tournament. When you have satisfied that factor, you should try to choose a stick with length and weight that makes you feel the best.

Below is a table to help you get the most balanced selection of two factors is the weight and length of the club for baseball.

Standard baseball bat size

And the next is the length according to the age of the player.

Most recently, on January 1, 2018, the United States had a new regulation and was included in the baseball law regarding the criteria of the standard baseball bat, then the club needs to be certified by the American professional baseball associationExperience of choosing a good baseball bat.

Referring to baseball competitions, you might immediately imagine a pitcher and someone trying to hit the ball. And the image of a baseball glove and a baseball bat is a familiar image even to those who have never held it before.

And this article is for those who are looking to buy baseball bats without knowing what to look for. You do not know what to choose, wood, aluminum, alloy or you are still wondering about the weight and length of the stick is suitable for you.

Surely after reading this article, you will find to buy yourself a baseball bat best suited to your needs.

The baseball bats, whose English name is Baseball bat, are specialized for baseball players at the Batter batting position. The following are general constructions of a baseball bat according to the standards applicable to American tournaments.

Basic construction of all types of baseball bats

The picture above shows the most basic parts of a standard baseball bat, with sticks made of two materials, wood and aluminum, and a cane made of steel that has the same structure.

In general, all baseball bat models have a common feature of being tapered at the handle (handle) position and gradually enlarged to the top of the bat. The stick has a hollow design in the middle to reduce weight, which helps the batter to hit baseball faster.