History about baseball in the USA (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share major events about history as well origins of baseball. As referred before, baseball is a national team sport in the USA which is close with series of historical events in growth of sport and society. Therefore, all the local respect and love this sport.

In the former article, we introduce several periods to start baseball then the reason why rules and the first match was launched in the USA. Now, we guided the next events in baseball growth: how to move baseball from an amateur game into a professional game. It was a long process to change and adjust as followings.

Coming to professional baseball

In 1857, the national association of baseball player was established by representatives of 16 top teams in New York. Then they decided to organize the first championship about baseball which allowed all clubs in the USA to register.

To compete with stronger teams, some clubs employed talented players so that they owned good players. Some players were paid salary to join the season whereas someone was still amateur.

Until 1860 season, all clubs were publicized about professional baseball. It meant that players were paid salary and joined the Championship to reach prizes. This event started for professional baseball era.

In 1870 season, there was one conflict among teams, so the national association of baseball player was split into two groups: one amateur league and one group remained the name of association. Two groups organized their professional tournaments and didn’t break the right each other.

Although the rules had some differences between two groups, they had the same one rule about racism. Only white players were the right to join the professional leagues. This rule was strict to limit some talented players from the Africa.

Until 1947, one black player- Jackie Robinson became the first African- American person to join the tournament and be accepted. Because his talent was so powerful, he brought series of achievements for his team.

The origin of baseball

Perhaps we all affirm that baseball (Baseball) is the oldest sport of the United States, and this is also the country most prevalent sports this sport.

The origin of baseball

There are many different opinions about the sport of baseball so up to now we still do not know its exact origin. Here are the most interested information.

Someone has tracked down a sport in Egypt (3150 BC) using a baseball and a ball shaped like a baseball ball being displayed in a famous museum in the country. He is said to be over 2000 longevity. However, many others have provided evidence that baseball was made up of rounders and influenced by the rules of cricket.

Most of the opinion that baseball originated in the United States, but according to the research of scientists in the world, this sport appeared in Egypt 2400 years ago BC. Archaeologists have found baseball and a ball similar to a baseball dating back more than 2000 years, which is now on display at the British Museum in London.

There are many historical monuments and objects from ancient times in some other countries to conclude that baseball sport has existed for a long time.

Besides, there are many evidence documents, the inventor of this sports is Doubleday, but there is little doubt that he was the only contributor of the idea to invent the baseball field (or picture its diamond form) as we know it today. On the other hand, the creator of baseball rules was a New York book seller named Alexander Cartwright, he founded a team called The Knickerbockers in 1839, wrote baseball rules in 1845 (The US Congress had adopted in 1953) and held its first matches in the United States on June 19, 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey. However, the first baseball games were not in North America, but in Canada and in 1838.

In the 80s of the 19th century, the US government turned baseball into a popular sport, then spread to countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan followed by some Asian countries. Europe like Italy, England, etc.