Top the greatest basketball players all the time

We continue to go the ranking of top the greatest basketball players during the time. Although basketball is a teamwork sport, we are easy to see several outstanding players in a match. They will overcome opponents smoothly and romp with a ball then move it to the net correctly. All actions can be happened within some seconds.

8/ Magic Johnson

As soon as Magic Johnson has started his career, he brightens and looks great and good. Although he was still young, he could win a title for Finals MVP in the NBA Finals in 1980. Actually, in this match, he was a new comer instead of Kareem Abdul Jabbar due to the injury, he has impressive appearance for this team- the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers. It was a sweet start for Magic.

Season by season, Magic has improved experience dramatically then keep his performance until retirement. He got 5 titles in NBA, 3 tiles in Finals MVPs and 3 times for reg. season MVPs. He also was in 10 all NBA selections.

9/ Bill Russell

He played as a defender who led the Boston Celtics team to series of achievements in NBA Championships. Estimated he overcome 11 records.

As his talent, he always dominated the game with defensive skills, so not many people can be beyond him.

Finally, he got 11 times for NBA titles and 5 times for reg. season MVPs.

10/ Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was a legend in the Chicago Bulls when he got series of records in NBA. His talent was to dominate ball and both sides fast whereas there were opponents around him to prevention.

During his career, he amassed 11 times for All-NBA, 9 times for All-Defensive first team as well 10 titles for getting scores. He was also voted many times for Defensive Player of the Year title.