Top the greatest basketball players all the time

Basketball is one of the most favorite sports for team, espcially the young. It has a rich history with full of decorated competitions and players. In this article, we will refer top the greatest basketball players all the time.

Hope that this ranking makes some famous events about basketball- NBA for readers.

1/ Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem is regraded as a big man in basketball history. He dominated his team- Dream Shake to make many achivements and records for many reputable competitions in the world. Can list some winnings like: two times in finals in MVPs, one time in regular season MVP.

In addition, he got records in the season 1994 when winning the regular season MVP, finals MVP as well being voted as the defensive player in year. Until now, noone can reach this amazing achivement like him.

2/ Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal became dominant player during 2000s, even of all time. He was well-known with brute strength as well flexible speed to lead his team to reach scores correctly.

His team was Los Angeles Lakers which had three consecutive NBA winnings and three finals MVPs. He was also selected on the top 14 All-NBA players for the 2000 regular season MVP.

3/ Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan always keeps stable working style during his career. You can see statistics about his record, you can’t find some variation.

He led his team- the San Antonio Spurs to many big NBA competitions like four times for NBA Championships, three times for Finals MVPs.

 His perfect record in Finals was kept during four seasons. This record contributed to select hm to 14 All-NBA and All-Defensive players.

4/ Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain was considered as one of dominant players all the time. Someone described him as one mythical figure.

He reached 2 times for NBA titles, 1 time for Finals MVP and 4 times for regular season MVPs.