The list of Minnesota Twins draft picks

The Minnesota Twins is a Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They play in the Central Division of the US Federation.

Minnesota Twins Ride To Best Record With Record Power Production

This article will summarize the Twins picks in this team’s career!

YearNamePositionSchool (Location)Pick
1965Eddie LeonShortstopUniversity of Arizona9
1966Bob JonesThird basemanDawson, Georgia20
1967Steve BryeThird basemanSt. Elizabeth High School17
1968Alex RowellOutfielderLuther College16
1969Paul PowellOutfielderArizona State University7
1970Bob GorinskiShortstopMount Pleasant High School22
1971Dale SoderholmShortstopMiami Coral Park High School21
1972Dick RuthvenRight-handed pitcherCalifornia State University, Fresno8
1973Eddie BaneLeft-handed pitcherArizona State University11
1974Ted ShipleyShortstopVanderbilt University14
1975Rick SofieldShortstopMorristown High School13
1976Jamie AllenThird basemanDavis High School10
1977Paul CroftOutfielderMorristown High School15
1978Lenny FaedoShortstopJefferson High School16
1979Kevin BrandtOutfielderNekoosa High School11
1980Jeff ReedCatcherJoliet West High School12
1981Mike SoddersThird basemanArizona State University11
1982Bryan OelkersLeft-handed pitcherWichita State University4
1983Tim BelcherRight-handed pitcherMount Vernon Nazarene College1
1984Jay BellShortstopGonzalez Tate High School8
1985Jeff BumgarnerRight-handed pitcherHanford High School13
1986Derek ParksRight-handed pitcherMontclair High School10
1987Willie Banks’91Right-handed pitcherSt. Anthony’s High School3
1988Johnny ArdRight-handed pitcherManatee Community College20
1989Chuck Knoblauch’91ShortstopTexas A&M University25
1990Todd RitchieRight-handed pitcherDuncanville High School12
1990Midre CummingsOutfielderEdison High School29
1991Dave McCartyFirst basemanStanford University3
1991Scott StahoviakThird basemanCreighton University27
1992Dan SerafiniLeft-handed pitcherSerra High School26
1993Torii HunterOutfielderPine Bluff High School20
1993Jason VaritekCatcherGeorgia Institute of Technology21
1993Marc BarceloRight-handed pitcherArizona State University33
1993Kelcey MuckerOutfielderLawrenceburg High School38
1994Todd WalkerSecond basemanLouisiana State University8
1994Travis MillerLeft-handed pitcherKent State University34
1995Mark RedmanLeft-handed pitcherUniversity of Oklahoma13
1996Travis LeeFirst basemanSan Diego State University2
1997Michael CuddyerShortstopGreat Bridge High School9
1997Matt LeCroyCatcherClemson University50
1998Ryan MillsLeft-handed pitcherArizona State University6
1999B.J. GarbeOutfielderMoses Lake High School5
2000Adam JohnsonRight-handed pitcherCalifornia State University, Fullerton2
2000Aaron HeilmanRight-handed pitcherUniversity of Notre Dame31
2001Joe MauerCatcherCretin-Derham Hall1
2002Denard SpanOutfielderTampa Catholic High School20
2003Matthew MosesThird basemanMills E. Godwin High School21
2004Trevor PlouffeShortstopCrespi Carmelite High School20
2004Glen PerkinsLeft-handed pitcherUniversity of Minnesota22
2004Steven WaldropRight-handed pitcherFarragut High School25
2004Matthew FoxRight-handed pitcherUniversity of Central Florida35
2004Jay RainvilleRight-handed pitcherBishop Hendricken High School39
2005Matt GarzaRight-handed pitcherCalifornia State University, Fresno25
2005Henry SanchezFirst basemanMission Bay High School39
2006Chris ParmeleeOutfielderChino Hills High School20
2007Ben RevereOutfielderLexington Catholic High School28
2008Aaron HicksOutfielderWilson High School14
2008Carlos GutiérrezRight-handed pitcherUniversity of Miami27
2008Shooter HuntRight-handed pitcherTulane University31
2009Kyle GibsonRight-handed pitcherUniversity of Missouri22
2009Matthew BashoreLeft-handed pitcherIndiana University Bloomington46
2010Alex WimmersRight-handed pitcherOhio State University21
2011Levi MichaelShortstopUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill30
2011Travis HarrisonThird basemanTustin High School50
2011Hudson BoydRight-handed pitcherBishop Verot High School55
2012Byron BuxtonOutfielderAppling County High School2
2012José BerríosRight-handed pitcherPapa Juan High School32
2012Luke BardRight-handed pitcherGeorgia Institute of Technology42
2013Kohl StewartRight-handed pitcherSt. Pius X High School4
2014Nick GordonShortstopOlympia High School5
2015Tyler JayLeft-handed pitcherUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign6
2016Alex KirilloffOutfielderPlum High School15
2017Royce LewisShortstopJSerra Catholic High School1
2017Brent RookerOutfielderMississippi State University35
2018Trevor LarnachOutfielderOregon State University20
2019Keoni CavacoShortstopEastlake High School13
2020Aaron SabatoFirst basemanUniversity of North Carolina27

Top the greatest basketball players all the time

We continue to go the ranking of top the greatest basketball players during the time. Although basketball is a teamwork sport, we are easy to see several outstanding players in a match. They will overcome opponents smoothly and romp with a ball then move it to the net correctly. All actions can be happened within some seconds.

8/ Magic Johnson

As soon as Magic Johnson has started his career, he brightens and looks great and good. Although he was still young, he could win a title for Finals MVP in the NBA Finals in 1980. Actually, in this match, he was a new comer instead of Kareem Abdul Jabbar due to the injury, he has impressive appearance for this team- the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers. It was a sweet start for Magic.

Season by season, Magic has improved experience dramatically then keep his performance until retirement. He got 5 titles in NBA, 3 tiles in Finals MVPs and 3 times for reg. season MVPs. He also was in 10 all NBA selections.

9/ Bill Russell

He played as a defender who led the Boston Celtics team to series of achievements in NBA Championships. Estimated he overcome 11 records.

As his talent, he always dominated the game with defensive skills, so not many people can be beyond him.

Finally, he got 11 times for NBA titles and 5 times for reg. season MVPs.

10/ Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was a legend in the Chicago Bulls when he got series of records in NBA. His talent was to dominate ball and both sides fast whereas there were opponents around him to prevention.

During his career, he amassed 11 times for All-NBA, 9 times for All-Defensive first team as well 10 titles for getting scores. He was also voted many times for Defensive Player of the Year title.

Top the greatest basketball players all the time

Basketball is a favorite team sport which is popular with many walks of life. We can play basketball when we are students in high schools or universities. This sport makes connective and supportive each other when playing together.

To review basketball history, we share top the greatest basketball players all the time. In the previous article, we have ever referred to some famous names like Hakeem, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan and Wilt Chamberlain. In this article, we will continue to tell other names in the rankings.

5/ LeBron James

During his career, he created a memorial story for fans about a talented star. Within 10 seasons in NBA leagues, he can be voted for the ranking of top the greatest basketball in the time with 2 times for NBA titles and 2 times in MVPs finals, other some numbers in statistics.

Even James has been called with a super nickname as “King James” because he had an impression style of a great two-way-basketballer.

6/ Derrick Rose

Some experts review that Derrick Rose was not the best player on the court but he was always a perfect dominator with high IQ in basketball. He had some amazing jump shots and fierce competitiveness which made special and strange with the people.

During 13 year career, he was voted in the top 10 All-NBA ranking all the times. 3 times for All-defense teams. He went his team together to have 3 NBA titles and 2 finals in MVPs.

By these achievements, he was called as “Larry Legend”.

7/ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

As well talent of Duncan about consistency in flighting, Kareem was also made deeply impression about his ability to focus a volleyball match.

Before him, Duncan was also famous for term of consistency. Kareem also became a leading scorer all the time in NBA history.

Looking back at typical former Marlins players

Baseball is one of the most popular sport in the world. Let’s have a look at the typical former marlins mentioned below.

Carlos Delgado

Position: First baseman

Teams: Toronto Blue Jays (1993-2004), Florida Marlins (2005), New York Mets (2006-09)

Statistics: 17 seasons, .280, 473 Personnel, 1,512 RBI, 2,038 visits, .929 OPS

Born in Aguadilla, Delgado is one of the strongest in his generation and has more home and RBI races than any other Puerto Rican native. He is the all-time leader in Blue Jays hitter in many categories, including home run, double, RBI, and walk. He was an All-Star twice and ran into four home runs in one match. He also won the Roberto Clemente Award in 2006.

Ivan Rodriguez

Position: Catcher

Teams: Texas Rangers (1991-2002, 2009), Florida Marlins (2003), Detroit Tigers (2004-08), New York Yankees (2008), Houston Astros (2009), Washington Nationals (2010-11)

Statistics: 21 seasons, .296, 311 HR, 1,332 RBI, .798 OPS

Rodriguez, a Manati native, is on the shortlist as one of the best catchers in the history of major tournaments, especially defensively. He won 13 Gold Gloves and was a star 14 times all stars. In the 1999 American MVP, he also won the World Series in his only season with the Florida Marlins and was introduced to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame in 2013. Upgrading to Cooperstown seems likely when he gets enough of to sue.

Besides the great former marlins, there are also other ones that were accused of using performance-enhancing drugs, such as follow.

Ronny Paulino

The Marlins catcher was suspended for 50 matches in August 2010 for a positive test with a banned substance that he says is a prohibited diet pill for weight loss.

Sergio Miter

Sergio Miter was the pitcher for the Florida Marlins in 2008. This baseball player was suspended in the first 50 matches of the 2009 season for replenishment containing Androstenedione.

Above are some typical of former Marlins players that came into the history of this famous baseball team. Whether their names attached with good or bad reputation, they once played their best for the team.

The personal life of the world famous baseball player

In terms of players – Giancarlo Stanton, a 13-year-old baseball player with the Miami Marlins with $ 325 million is the highest value contract in the world.

Speaking of popularity, baseball is only known in the United States. This sport is not comparable to football, but baseball players receive a much better deal than king sports.

The handsome, rich player is surrounded by many gorgeous women

Giancarlo Stanton could not be as famous as Messi and Ronaldo, but the contract he signed was too impressive. With a salary of 25 million USD / year, Giancarlo is a player that is sought after by many beautiful people but it is strange that even at 29 years old he still has no girlfriend.

According to the American press, the life of the 29-year-old is no longer lacking anything, money, villas, supercars … but the only missing thing is a girlfriend. The real life of this player’s private life is still a mystery. The New York Post reported that since 2014, Giancarlo has had a close relationship with the four beautiful people, but as usual this player does not recognize these girls as girlfriends.

In 2014, 24-year-old Stanton was paired with Portuguese model Sara Sampaio, but after that their relationship was unknown. Then the baseball superstar was spotted by the media with pop singer Lexy Panterra, even Giancarlo even “naked” filmed the music video with the female singer but they confirmed that they were friends.

The closest baseball player has the most expensive contract in the world “dating” with Brazilian model – Mariana Santana, but once again he confirmed he still has no girlfriend.

Perhaps in the position of being the most expensive player in the world, Giancarlo Stanton wants to keep his image always in the eyes of the fans, so he does not want to publish backstage. But the more he hid it, the more curious it was that the story of Giancarlo’s love to keep it secret would not work.

Ichiro – Japan’s most famous baseball star

Who is Ichiro? In a recent NHK poll poll, Ichiro was one of the three most popular Japanese people of all ages. Unfortunately his information in Vietnam as much, let’s learn about him.


Ichiro’s full name is Suzuki Ichiro, born October 22, 1973 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Ichiro is a Japanese baseball star. He spends most of his baseball career playing for two clubs: The Orix Blue Wave at the Japan Professional Championship (NPB) and Seattle Mariners at the American Professional League (MLB). Later, he switched to playing for New York Yankees Club for more than 2 seasons.

Ichiro currently holds the record of hitting the ball 262 times in a season in the US professional league. This figure surpasses George Sisler’s record of 257 times set in 1920. Ichiro currently holds the world record for the total number of hit times in both the NPB and MLB tournaments of 4257 times.

During his time in Japan, Ichiro won countless titles such as the best player in the tournament, the player who hit the ball the most, Running Homerun.

In March 2019, Ichiro officially announced his retirement from a baseball career spanning over 27 years.

Ichiro is not only famous, loved by most Japanese people for his accomplishments, he is also a good example for other Japanese people to follow in many ways.

In addition, during his career, Ichiro has not been involved in any scandals, he is the national idol of Japan, so it can be said that no Japanese people do not know him.

Ichiro is a baseball star that no Japanese don’t know about. To have the success today, he has his own philosophies for his life.

Unfortunately, on March 21, 2019 Ichiro officially retired from his baseball career. The press conference of his retirement career has attracted a lot of media attention. This is one of the many times Ichiro has agreed to give such a long interview and it still attracts a lot of public opinion to this day.